Value Added Services

PARAS LAND doesn’t just create masterpieces in the construction domain and leave it at that. It realizes that the continuous upkeep of the asset is as important as creating it. The Value Added Services division of the Group ensures that all post completion activities needed to ensure that the property gives continuous and maximum value are undertaken. The division also liaises between various allied agencies like interior designers, landscape planners and utility providers so that the client can completely customize the property. PARAS LAND is with you all the way, building lasting relationships.

Residential and Commercial Services

With experienced and knowledgeable staff, the Paras Land Marketing started Valley Home Works, a division of the Paras Land Marketing that allows our community members to benefit from our home renovation expertise. I would rate their quality of work very high and found their pricing to be very competitive in the market. We plan on continuing to use them for property work going forward and I would strongly recommend them for your property rehab needs.

Leasing and Resale Services

PARAS LAND is focused on delivering an all rounded after sales service, thus our sales team provides all our client (Commercial/ residential) free of charges assistance for resale and leasing their property. Our team will guide each client through the technical and legal process, of leasing or selling their property.

Land Services

The vision that gave rise to Land Services, Paras Land still guides us today. That vision is to exceed our clients' expectations. We focus on achieving immediate results for our clients. Our use of the latest technology and systematic processes and thorough research make this a reality for all that we do. We have built a core team of dedicated, energetic professionals and administrative staff, as well as a land database of independent contractors, allowing us to rapidly call upon the talent and expertise needed for any project. We use Land Service to help us serve our clients better.