Paras Land offers an excellent work opportunity and growth environment to individuals from varied backgrounds. We are known for rewarding outstanding performance and retaining talent, as well as having an open environment in which people can thrive. We strive to empower people within the organisation to be their best and grow in order to reach their full personal and professional potential. We maintain an open door system with all members of staff and the management team is always easily accessible.


We as an organization believe people are one of the most important assets and employee development is thus continuous endeavour. For a future ready work force, we focus on timely competency based assessments to work out customized development plans. Also to ensure business continuity and talent pipe line we are well prepared on succession planning. All the new members of Paras Land family undergo compulsory cross functional training, to understand the inter-dependencies in their roles. We encourage our people to be their own judge, to measure their own weaknesses and strengths so they by default know how to minimize their weakness and enhance their strengths.


Paras Land provides an innovative, motivating and challenging work culture, in an environment that is conducive to personal and professional development. We follow an equal opportunities hiring ethic that emphasizes on professional integrity and excellence. If you share the enthusiasm, commitment to excellence and desire to build something great, we'd like to invite you to join our team.